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Marco Abis - personal . @me,

I've had a chance to review a couple of "modern" scientific calculators and... UX is as bad as it was 30 years ago 🤨

Hundreds of small and not so small things like:

- depending on what menu or mode you are in a simple "select/enter" moves from a button to another, or often to a combination of multiple buttons (and even that combination is not the only combination, depending on the sub-menu)

- press the "on" button to switch it on and then... "Shift+AC" to switch it off 🤔

- press "menu" to see available modes and change the current one: all nice with graphical icons you can move through using the left-up-right-down keys but then... you cannot actually select the mode you moved to with those arrows keys, you need to press a number on the keypad reading the corresponding number on the various icons 🤦‍♂️

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Marco Abis - personal . @me,

The Inference Cost Of Search Disruption – Large Language Model Cost Analysis by

$30B Of Google Profit Evaporating Overnight, Performance Improvement With H100 TPUv4 TPUv5

"Google is playing defense on margins with this smaller model. They could have deployed their full-size LaMDA model or the far more capable and larger PaLM model, but instead, they went for something much skinnier.

This is out of necessity.

Google cannot deploy these massive models into search. It would erode their gross margins too much."

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Marco Abis - personal . @me,

When Earth Breathed Deeply

by Claire Bucholz (Assistant Professor of Geology in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech)

Oxygen levels in the atmosphere have increased by many orders of magnitude throughout Earth's history, profoundly affecting biologic and chemical cycles at the surface of the Earth. In this lecture, Bucholz will explore how shifts in atmospheric oxygen concentrations went even deeper, altering Earth's inner workings.

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Marco Abis - personal . @me,

ageing in 3 acts:

act 1) finding a reference to a scifi book and thinking "that looks interesting, how come I've never read it? I should read it now!"

act 2) searching for the kindle version on amazon

act 3) being greeted by the banner "You purchased this item on 5 April 2017"

(the book was "A Fire Upon the Deep")

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